Postawy kobiet wobec życia i aktywności zawodowej na obszarach wiejskich

Effect of Melittin Complexes with Graphene and Graphene Oxide on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Tumors Grown on Chicken Embryo Chorioallantoic Membrane

Analysis of Fish-Consumption Benefits and Safety Knowledge in a Population-Based Sample of Polish Adolescents

Zwilżalność liści i intercepcja pospolitych gatunków roślin wodno-błotnych torfowisk biebrzańskich (północno-wschodnia Polska) 

Creative self-actualization of the future teacher in the professional training process

Mechanical Stimulation Decreases Auxin and Gibberellic Acid Synthesis but Does Not Affect Auxin Transport in Axillary Buds; It Also Stimulates Peroxidase Activity in Petunia × atkinsiana

Anthropogenic life strategy of plants

Green physical activity indicator: health, physical activity and spending time outdoors related to residents preference for greenery

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Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in Women and Reproductive Health across the Lifespan: A Narrative Review